Digley Mills, Austonley

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  • location: Austonley
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: woollen mills

Digley Mills originally comprised two mills: Upper Digley Mill and Lower Digley Mill, which appear on the 1854 O.S. map as Middle Digley Mill and Digley Mill respectively.

Upper Digley Mill stood on the northern side of Digley Dike and is believed to have been built prior to the 1790s for John Whiteley of Green Owlers, possibly by stone mason Joseph Booth of Meltham. The mill was badly damaged by 1852 Flood — at which time it was occupied by John Furness — but was quickly rebuilt.[1]

Lower Digley Mill stood on the southern side of Digley Dike and was built around 1790 for John Hirst, and possibly rebuilt or extended circa 1817.[2] The mill was almost completely destroyed by the 1852 flood, which carried three of the mill's boilers around a mile downstream, and only the main chimney was left standing. The mill was not rebuilt by the Hirst family.[3]

Joseph Greenwood purchased Upper Digley Mill circa 1873, along with the site of the lower mill, and built Digley Mills circa 1875 (architect Ben Stocks). Joseph Greenwood & Sons Ltd. continued to trade until December 1936, after which the mill was purchased by Huddersfield Corporation in anticipation of the building of Digley Reservoir. The mill was demolished in 1938.[4][5]


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