Dialect and Accent in Industrial West Yorkshire (1985) by K. M. Petyt

Dialect and Accent in Industrial West Yorkshire was written by sociolinguist and historian Keith Malcolm Petyt[1], and was published in 1985 by John Benjamins Publishing Co.


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This volume is concerned with one of the few thorough-going Labovian studies carried out in Britain. Based on a survey of over hundred randomly selected informants from the towns of Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield, it deals first with the methodology employed, and then sketches some aspects of the ‘traditional’ dialects of the area before describing a large number of variables. Other non-standard features encountered during the survey are described, since these too are part of the changing patterns of speech in West Yorkshire. The final chapter draws a distinction between ‘dialect’ and ‘accent’ which is slightly different from that generally employed, and suggests that while ‘dialect’ features seem to have declined under the pressure of the standard language, ‘accent’ still persists as a social differentiator.

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