Daily Mail (29/Mar/1907) - Dora Thewlis Ill

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Little Dora Thewlis, the "infant martyr" of the Suffragette movement, is still suffering for the cause. Released from Holloway Prison and back in the care of her mother at Huddersfield she now lies ill — broken-down with the strain of her experiences in London.

Her parents are indignant at her treatment in prison. They are going to bring the matter to the notice of the Home Secretary.

In an interview yesterday Dora Thewlis stated that when she was taken to Holloway all her own clothes were taken from her and she was ordered to put on prison clothes. When she objected she was told, "Perhaps you won't come here again if you wear these."

"They tortured me," was little Dora's comment.

Daily Mail (29/Mar/1907) - Dora Thewlis Ill


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