Daily Herald (16/Dec/1930) - Vicar's Beauty Chorus: Cabaret Girls in Red Knickers Down Chute

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A "CONTINENTAL" cabaret show, with a “Paris" beauty chorus of local girls, is to be a Christmas attraction in connection with the parish church at Upper Thong, Holmfirth, on Friday evening.

It will be produced by the vicar, the Rev. H. G. Wilks.

"Our church parishioners are sick and tired of basaars and church socials," Mr. Wilks said yesterday.


"They are fed-up to the teeth with the dreariness of the parochial routine. Sunday school concerts simply bore them.

"That is why we have decided to give a show with some zip in it. After all, why net? What harm can it do to shed a little colour and brightness into their comparatively uneventful lives?

"Despite the fudge that is talked of the lure of the footlights spelling moral degradation, Holmfirth people enjoy my shows and go home with their souls standing no less chance of salvation."

Outlining the chief features of his cabaret, Mr. Wilks said the "Thong-birds" — as he calls his beauty charm— will give dances at intervals during the evening.

They will be dressed in dainty tunics and knickers of military red, and will enter the hall through a chute.


There will be a buffet in the hall, and waitresses in distinctive cabaret costumes will be in attendance.

Mr. Wilks claims that his "Thong-birds" are the smartest amateur beauty chorus in England.

The cabaret show, he said, was being staged as a kind of preliminary canter to a combined revue and thriller which he is to launch next month.