Crosland Moor Mechanics' Institute

The Crosland Moor Mechanics' Institute was formed in 1856 with T.P. Crosland of Gledholt Hall as its first president.

Meetings were held in the rooms of the Methodist Sunday School on Nabcroft Lane.

By 1858, 50 men and 21 women were members. By 1861, membership had increased to 123. The institute soon went into decline in the early 1860s and had decline to 62 by 1865.

The institute was likely wound up in 1866, after the Trustees of the Methodist Chapel gave them notice to quit. According to local historian Brian Clarke, "the rent had not been paid for some considerable time". The remaining members likely transferred to the Lockwood Mechanics' Institute who had recently opened a newly-built mechanics' hall on Meltham Road.[1]

Notes and References