Crab Tree Well Pinfold, South Crosland

The pinfold for South Crosland, where stray animals were impounded, is situated at Crab Tree Well, near the junction of Midway, Sandy Lane and School Hill.

A large public water trough stands nearby.


By the early 1850s, the South Crosland pinder was William Sykes.

On 31 Just 1853, Sykes found a horse wandering loose and locked it in the pinfold. The following day he return to find the pinfold empty and the lock removed. A short time later he spotted a man named George Taylor working the horse in a field. When he demanded the horse be returned, Taylor reportedly said "If theau doesn't be off, out o't field I'll knock they e'en out" before assaulting Sykes. Taylor was charged and found guilty, although he claimed Sykes called him "a rogue and a thief", and was fined £1.[1]

in November 1893, the Almondbury pinder George Taylor was appointed by South Crosland Board to "impound cattle straying on the highway within the Board's district". The Board also agreed to "maintain the pinfold [and] pay the costs of prosecutions."[2]

The pinfold was granted a Grade II listing in September 1978, at the same time as the drinking trough.

The Friends of Dean Wood worked to clear the pinfold and drinking trough in the summer of 2013.[3]

Historic England Listing

  • Grade II
  • first listed 29 September 1978
  • listing entry number 1217732

SCHOOL HILL. South Crosland. Pinfold at Crab Tree Well. C18 or C19. Roughly oblong enclosure of dry stone walling. Arched entrance with monolithic jambs and lintel. Used to impound strayed beasts.


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