County Borough of Huddersfield (1880s)

The following maps show the ward boundaries of the County Borough of Huddersfield as marked on the early 1890s O.S. 1:2,500 maps, which were surveyed in the late 1880s prior to the addition of Longwood Local Board District to the borough.

The borough contained 12 electoral wards:

  1. Almondbury & Newsome
  2. Dalton, Bradley & Deighton
  3. Fartown
  4. Huddersfield Central (C)
  5. Huddersfield East (E)
  6. Huddersfield North (N)
  7. Huddersfield South (S)
  8. Huddersfield West (W)
  9. Lindley cum Quarmby
  10. Lockwood
  11. Marsh
  12. Moldgreen