Constance Alice Buckingham (1901-1986) née Mills

Constance Alice Buckingham was a baker and confectioner, and proprietor of C. A. Buckingham & Co. at 122 Lockwood Road, Rashcliffe, Lockwood.


She was born Constance Alice Mills on 24 March 1901 at Romsey, Hampshire, the only daughter of rural postman George James Mills and his wife Maria (née Longman).

She married baker Fred Godfrey Buckingham[1] in 1923 at Romsey. They had three known children:

  • Gerald Godfrey Buckingham (1926-2018)[2]
  • Molly Edweina Buckingham (1927-2010)[3]
  • Raymond George Buckingham (1929-1979)[4]

By 1926, the couple had moved north to Huddersfield where they started a bakery and confectionery business at 122 Lockwood Road (formerly Alma Villa). By the 1950s, the business was known as "C. A. Buckingham & Co."

She died on 10 November 1986, her husband having predeceased her in 1970.

Notes and References

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