Congregationalism in Yorkshire (1868) by James G. Miall

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Congregationalism in Yorkshire


  • Chapter I: Development — From the Accession of Elizabeth to the Ejection of the Nonconformists. A.D. 1558-1661 (page 1)
  • Chapter II: The Outcasts — From the Nonconformist Ejection to the Revolution. A.D. 1662-1688 (page 69)
  • Chapter III: Recognition — From the Revolution to the Death of Queen Anne. A.D. 1688-1714 (page 105)
  • Chapter IV: Defection and Revival — From the Accession of George I. to the Methodist Revival. A.D. 1714-1750 (page 128)
  • Chapter V: Returning Day — From the Methodist Revival to the Establishment of Sunday Schools. A.D. 1750-1783 (page 143)
  • Chapter VI: Advance — From the Establishment of Sunday Schools to the Formation of Rotherham and Airedale Colleges. A.D. 1783-1800 (page 160)
  • Chapter VII: Consolidation — From the Commencement of the Rotherham and Airedale Colleges to the Removal of Airedale College. A.D. 1800-1831 (page 169)
  • Chapter VIII: The Modern Era — From the Removal of Airedale College to the Present Time. A.D. 1831-1868 (page 186)
  • Appendix: Lord Wharton's Bible Charity (page 219)
  • Appendix: Synoptical History of Yorkshire Churches (page 223)

The Appendix includes the following entries relevant to chapels in the Huddersfield district:

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