Congregationalism in Yorkshire (1868) - Appendix: Marsden (Congregational)

Appendix entry from Congregationalism in Yorkshire (1868) by James G. Miall relating to the Congregational Chapel in Marsden.

Marsden (Congregational)

Of the early history of the congregation here, we possess no authentic information.

The following names of pastors are ascertained :—

  • 1798. Rev. Silvanus Shaw. Mr. S. died May 29, 1824. During his ministry a chapel was erected (1805) capable of containing 320 hearers.
  • 1825. Rev. James Bond, from Clayton West. Mr. Bond died March 25, 1856. Mr. B. was on the Hewley Fund.
  • 1856. Rev. Hanley Pickersgill, from Lightcliffe. Mr. P. left for Wrexham, 1860.
  • 1862. Rev. F. Wilson. Removed to Haslingden, 1862.
  • 1864. Rev. Thomas W. Holmes, from the Methodist Free Church, the present minister. In the course of the year 1867 a neat and commodious parsonage house was erected.

Congregationalism in Yorkshire (1868) - Appendix: Marsden (Congregational)

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