Congregationalism in Yorkshire (1868) - Appendix: Huddersfield, Moldgreen (Congregational)

Appendix entry from Congregationalism in Yorkshire (1868) by James G. Miall relating to the Congregational Chapel in Moldgreen.

Huddersfield, Moldgreen (Congregational)

The origin of this church is most remarkable. A Christian lady, who modestly preserves the secret of her name, having observed the spiritual destitution of the districts of Mold Green and Dalton, and watched the great usefulness of Mr. Hotchkiss's labours at South Street Mission, in the failure to obtain a suitable missionary, induced Mr. H. to settle here, and engaged to pay his salary for five years, at the same time promising £1,300 for a new chapel. The churches of Highfield and Ramsden Street recognising a special Providence in the matter, have entered cordially into the undertaking, and have agreed to raise the remainder of the funds for the chapel and school-rooms. The latter have been for some time completed, and the chapel will be opened in a few months.

Congregationalism in Yorkshire (1868) - Appendix: Huddersfield, Moldgreen (Congregational)


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