Congregationalism in Yorkshire (1868) - Appendix: Flockton, Zion Chapel (Congregational)

Appendix entry from Congregationalism in Yorkshire (1868) by James G. Miall relating to the Congregational Zion Chapel in Flockton.

Flockton, Zion Chapel (Congregational)

About 1800, a few persons assembled here for prayer in the house of one of Mr. Toothill's members. A place was then licensed, and ministers were invited to preach. At length a chapel was built, which was opened 1802. A church was formed April 7, 1803. The following have been ministers :—

  • 1803. Rev. Joseph Kirby. Removed to Lewes about 1809.
  • 1813. Rev. William Henry Crockfort.
  • 1821. Rev. John Edward Cullen, from Caistor. He remained three or four years.
  • 1825. Rev. Joseph Evans. He continued for two years.
  • 1833. Rev. John Sowerby. Messrs. Cockin, Ryan, Boothroyd, and Eccles took part in his ordination (Sept. 11). Mr. Sowerby was minister during nearly twenty years.
  • 1851. Rev. William Catton, from Malton. He remained four years. There is now no minister.

Congregationalism in Yorkshire (1868) - Appendix: Flockton, Zion Chapel (Congregational)

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