Commercial Inn, Netherton

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  • location: Meltham Road (in the vicinity of Miners Square & Blue Slates), Netherton, Huddersfield
  • status: does not exist
  • category: beerhouse

Not shown on available O.S. maps, but known to have built on the abandoned site of the local Odd Fellows' Hall on the north side of Meltham Road. Noted as a beerhouse in the 1897 Licence Register. Likely closed in 1920 after being referred for compensation.

Licence Transfers

  • 26/Aug/1879 — Rebecca Judd
  • 11/Aug/1891 — Joe Moorhouse
  • 24/Aug/1897 — Joe Moorhouse
  • 31/Mar/1903 — Fred Parkin
  • 02/Aug/1904 — Henry Moss
  • 27/Mar/1906 — Joshua William Heap
  • 03/Dec/1907 — Fred Brooke
  • 06/Aug/1912 — George Kaye
  • 01/Jun/1915 — Harry Burlop
  • 06/Jun/1916 — Bridget Howe
  • 04/Dec/1923 — Ellen Howe