Cloth Finishing: Woollen and Worsted (1927) by John Schofield

Cloth Finishing: Woollen and Worsted was written by local science teacher John Schofield and was published in 1927 by Netherwood, Dalton and Co., Limited.

The work expands upon Schofield's earlier publications Scouring and Milling (1921) and The Wet Processes of the Wool Industries (1925).

Schofield later became a lecturer at Huddersfield Technical College but was injured on 7 February 1939 when he caught his arm in a milling machine at the college.[1] He died in January 1945.[2]

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  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. Water and Steam in the Scouring Shed (page 3)
  • Chapter 2. Wool and Chemical Reagents (page 51)
  • Chapter 3. The Chemistry of Oils and Fats (page 83)
  • Chapter 4. Soaps and Other Detergents (page 117)
  • Chapter 5. The Theoretical Principles of Washing, Cleansing or Detergent Action (page 143)
  • Chapter 6. Soap Solutions (page 175)
  • Chapter 7. Practical Scouring (page 205)
  • Chapter 8. Milling (page 275)
  • Chapter 9. Minor Processes (page 337)
  • Chapter 10. The Relations of Wool and Moisture (page 369)
  • Chapter 11. The Drying Processes (page 417)
  • Chapter 12. The Chemistry and Physics of the Wool Fibre (page 451)
  • Chapter 13. Textile Cleanliness (page 487)
  • Chapter 14. The Cutting Process (page 499)
  • Chapter 15. The Raising Process (page 527)
  • Chapter 16. The Pressing Process (page 579)
  • Chapter 17. Finishing Routines on Wool Goods (page 607)
  • Chapter 18. Defects, Damages and Stains (page 683)
  • Appendix A: Glossary (page 695)
  • Appendix B: List of Technical Terms (page 712)
  • Appendix C: Selection Questions on Finishing (page 719)
  • Index (page 737)


The spine of the book names John Schofield as the only author. However, the title page also credits his son, chemist John Colin Schofield (1906-1966), as a co-author although this may have been due to the fact that both men provided consultancy under the name of Messrs. Schofield of Rose Cottage, Netherton.

It is assumed that the bulk of the work was written by John Schofield with minor contributions from his son. If so, the latter's contributions remain under copyright until the end of 2036.

Notes and References

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  2. Details of his death were kindly provided by Alan Brooke.