Clayton West Station, Clayton West

Clayton West Station was formerly a station on the single-track Clayton West Branch Line but is now a stop on the minimum-gauge Kirklees Light Railway.


Along with the branch line, the station was opened on 1 September 1879 and was the terminus of the line. According to the Bradford Daily Telegraph, only 3 passengers caught the first passenger train.[1]

A goods yard was situated to the south of the station and a separate tramway ran from Back Lane to Park Mill Colliery, which was situated to the north of the station.

The goods yard closed in September 1970 and the station closed to passengers on 24 January 1983.

Kirklees Light Railway

The medium-gauge Kirklees Light Railway opened in October 1991 and ran from a refurbished platform at Clayton West to a new halt named Cuckoo's Nest.


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Notes and References

  1. "New Railway" in Bradford Daily Telegraph (02/Sep/1879).

Clayton West Station, Clayton West


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