Cinderella Home for Poor Children, Hall Ing, Honley

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  • location: Hall Ing, Honley
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: property
Leeds Mercury (15/Jun/1932)

The purpose-built hostel was opened as a "holiday home for poor children" on Saturday 6 May 1922 by Mrs. Laurence Crowther. It stood in 2 acres of land and could accommodate 40 children. The reported cost was £3,500.[1]

A group of 31 children from the Isle of Wight spent 12 days at the home in 1930. The Yorkshire Evening Post interviewed them and reported that they said "Huddersfield's a lot colder" than the Isle of Wight and that many of the houses "seem to have gone black" due to the air pollution. Amongst the planned excursions was a trip to the "Mackintosh's Toffee Works". The children were also guests at Huddersfield Town's end of season match.[2]

The home was closed in the 1940s, following the Education Acts of 1944 and 1946 which stated that "voluntary organisations may no longer take charge of children during school hours". The building was sold for £1,250 in 1946 to the firm of Kaye & Stewart Ltd. of Broadfield Mills, Huddersfield. With the influx of overseas workers following the Second World War, the firm intended to use it as a hostel for immigrant workers.[3]

The hostel appears to have been demolished in the 1970s.


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