"Cid" was the pseudonym used by a correspondent to the Huddersfield Chronicle in the 1890s.

His poetry and memorial odes began appearing in the Chronicle in 1892. In April 1894, the first of a series of lengthy descriptions of walks by "Cid" in the Huddersfield area were printed — these provide a fascinating view of how much (if at all) parts of the district have changed in the last 120 years.

He was also the author of a series of columns in the newspaper entitled "Sol, the Lockwood Goose".

The articles reveal a few details about the author:

  • he was born and brought up in Kirkheaton, and was baptised at St. John the Baptist, Kirkheaton
  • he was well-educated and had experience of working in cloth manufacturing
  • he was living in Lockwood whilst corresponding with the Chronicle but appears to have ceased writing in 1896

Although his exact identity remains uncertain, one of his poems is entitled "Rockfield", which is the name of a large mansion near Beaumont Park in Lockwood. In the 1891 Census, Abraham Lee Tyas — who grew up in Kirkheaton — was residing nearby at Tyas House.

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