Chronology of local civilian deaths during World War Two

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Name Died Notes
John Mannion (69) 10/Sep/1939 Lived at 233 Wakefield Road. Hit by a car during blackout on Friday 8 September. Died at Huddersfield Infirmary.[1][2]
Ernest Newsome (54) 11/Sep/1939 Mill worker of Station Road, Lepton. Knocked down by a car on Penistone Road at around 10pm on Sunday 10 September during blackout. Died at Huddersfield Infirmary the next day.[1][3]
Michael Dodds 11/Sep/1939 Hit by a motorbus in Huddersfield at around 10pm on Saturday 9 September during blackout. Died two days later at Huddersfield Infirmary.[4]
Frank Spillman Hirst 23/Oct/1939 Motorcyclist killed after blackout accident at Kirkburton on the evening of 22 October. Died at Huddersfield Infirmary the following morning.

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