Chester Chronicle (07/Apr/1855) - Yorkshire Ghosts

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors.

Yorkshire Ghosts.

Every few weeks a ghost story appears in some of the Yorkshire newspapers ; and in the Sheffield papers, a week or two ago, we read of the death of a woman, brought on by fright, in addition to much local alarm. On investigation, however, the “ghost” generally ends, to use a popular expression “in smoke.” The people of Huddersfield have been foolishly alarmed for some days at the reported presence of a ghost in a house at Seed Hill, which made a great disturbance. The occupant even consulted a clairvoyant. It turns out that the supposed ghost was a young Irish servant, who, it appears, has considerably damaged the doors and windows, and some of the furniture, in her successful endeavours to impose on ignorant persons.