Charles Brook (1866-1930)

Charles Brook was a Meltham manufacturer.


He was born on 3 November 1866, the son of Edward Brook (1825-1904) and his wife Emma (née Brooke), and was baptised on 12 December 1866 at St. Bartholomew, Meltham.

His siblings were:

He was educated at Mr. Hawtrey's in Slough and then Radley College.

He spent his early years living at Meltham Hall before purchasing the nearby hall at Durker Roods around the time of his marriage. He regularly allowed events, such as the annual Meltham Cattle Show, to take place in the land adjoining Durker Roods.

He was educated at Radley and joined the West Yorkshire Yeomanry, seeing action in South Africa[1] and in the trenches of the First World War, eventually attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.[2]

He married his second-cousin Mabel Frances Brook, daughter of William Brook and Helen Elizabeth (née Johnson) of Healey House, in 1892. They had three children:

  • Frances Mildred Brook (1893-1970)[3]
  • Edward William Brook (1895-1963)[4]
  • Anne Madeleine Brook (1900-1962?)[5]

He represented his father at the opening ceremonies for the Jubilee Recreation Ground (1888) and the Town Hall (1898), both of which had been entirely funded by Edward Brook.

A keen huntsman, he was the Master of the Newmarket and Thurlow Foxhounds (1901-02), Badsworth Hounds (1902-05), Holderness Hounds (1905-08) and of the Dumfriesshire Hounds (1908-19).

He became a High Sheriff of Yorkshire on 15 October 1906.[6]

The 1912 edition of the Yorkshire Who's Who" reported that Brook owned some 5,000 acres of land in Meltham and around 8,500 acres in Dumfriesshire.

In the autumn of 1914, he offered Durker Roods for use "as a hospital for wounded soldiers and sailors" and "to pay all expenses in connection with the hospital for at least six months."[7] Around 30 wounded men were received at the hall in October 1914[8] and 30 more the following month[9].

By the mid-1920s, he was living in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, but also held properties at 2 Spring Place, Meltham, and 2 Mansfield Street, London.

Following the death of his brother Edward Jonas Brook in 1924, Charles Brook succeeded to the Hoddam Castle Estate, Dumfriesshire (originally purchased by their father in 1877).[10]

In January 1926, he travelled with his wife to Auckland, New Zealand, aboard the Naldera. The following January, they travelled to Port Said, Egypt, aboard the Rajputana, likely returning to England in April 1927 aboard the S.S. Chitral.

Charles Brook died on 14 June 1930, aged 64, at Kinmount in Annan, Dumfriesshire.

His estate was valued at £167,562 15s. 10d. and probate was granted to his son Edward William Brook, Major John Gordon Crabbe, and his son-in-law Captain Walter D'Arcy Hall.

Mabel Frances Brook died in September 1934 at Hoddom Castle and was buried on 26 September at St. James, Meltham Mills.

Census Returns

entries for Charles Brook are shown in italics

name age   details
1871 — Meltham Hall, Meltham
Edward Brook 45 head Sewing Cotton Manufacturer employing 412 Males and 1111 Females.
Emma Brook 29 wife
Edward J. Brook 6 son
Charles Brook 4 son
Frances M. Brook 2 daughter
Anne I. Brook 11m daughter
Frances Gilliat 36 servant Governess.
John H. Grassham 25 servant Butler.
Mary A. Firth 49 servant Cook.
Annie Allatt 17 servant Kitchen Maid.
Matilda Boulton 19 servant House Maid.
Fanny Ancliffe 18 servant Under House Maid.
Elizabeth Stoton 27 servant Head Nurse.
Emma Taylor 18 servant Under Nurse.
Edwin Raynor 28 gardener Living nearby with his wife Louisa (27) and their daughter Emma (3).
1901 — Hall Walk, Enderby, Leicestershire
Charles Brook 34 head Living on own means.
Mabel F. Brook 35 wife
Mildred F. Brook 7 daughter
Edward W. Brook 5 son
Annie M. Brook 1 daughter
Beatrice A. Brook 27 sister-in-law Living on own means.
Clara Stack 50 servant Housekeeper.
Elizabeth Emms 45 servant Nurse.
Ellen Burton 32 servant Ladies maid.
Ethel Collyer 27 servant Housemaid.
Henrietta Walker 23 servant Housemaid.
Mary Pitman 21 servant Kitchen maid.
Jane Smith 20 servant Nurse.
Lilian West 20 servant Housemaid.
Mary Radage 17 servant Scullery maid.
Alexander Mallock 32 servant Butler.
William McLoud 19 servant Footman.
Richard Walton 22 servant Boots.

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