Catherine Augusta Yeats-Milne (1857-1905) née Hutchison

Catherine Augusta Yeats-Milne was one of the two victims of the Railway Accident at Huddersfield on 21 April 1905, along with Ralph G. Farrand.


It is believed she was born Catherine Augusta Hutchison on 4 June 1857 at Abernethy, Perthshire, Scotland, the daughter of John Hutchison and his wife Margaret (née Menzies). Her first name is sometimes recorded as "Katherine".

She married ship's surgeon George Yeats-Milne — possibly in 1877 — and the couple had two daughters and two sons, including:

  • George Cecil Yeats-Milne (c.1878-1910)[1]
  • Cambria Wallace Yeats-Milne (1880-1972)[2]
  • Gladys Eleanor W. Yeats-Milne (1885-1963)[3]

It seems she then moved to Leeds and lived apart from her husband.

On Good Friday 1905, she was travelling on the 1:50pm Bradford to Huddersfield train. At around 2:30pm, the train collided with a shunting engine on the viaduct to the north of Huddersfield Railway Station and the first three passenger carriages "telescoped" into each other. She was found trapped under the wheels of one of the carriages, with her right foot nearly severed. She remained conscious throughout the rescue attempt but insisted that the other injured passengers were attended to first. She died at around 4:45pm, before the wheels could be lifted off her.

At the subsequent inquest, an emotional George Cecil Yeats-Milne identified his mother's body.

Notes and References

  1. Died at the workhouse in Leeds aged 33 in August 1910 and was buried at Beckett Street Cemetery on 10 August.
  2. Born at sea on 20 June 1880 aboard the Cambria, from which she took her name. She was perhaps also known as "Barbara". She married actor Ralph Campbell Fletcher (1889-1952) in 1913, who was noted for his Shakespearean roles (see Died in Southend on Sea
  3. Born at sea aboard the SS Elenanor, from which she took her middle name. Married Samuel Joseph of Leeds in 1901 but they separated in 1919 and she remarried a man named Rossington. She died in June 1963 at Whitehaven.