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A list of Bamforth films featuring stage actor Reginald Switz as the popular comic character "Winky".

Research Notes

Switz also appeared in And That's How the Row Began (1915), A Comedy of Errors (1915), Dr. Violet Dearing (1915), Itching Powder (1914), and Tommy's Freezing Spray (1915) but it is unclear if he was specifically playing the role of "Winky".

The Kinematograph Weekly (05/Apr/1917) contains reviews for the following three "Winky" films. It is uncertain if these were newly filmed titles, previously unreleased titles, re-releases with new titles, or re-edits of previously released footage. Until further information comes to light, they are not included in the main list of known releases.

  • How Winky Whacked the Germans (released 16 April 1917, 620 feet)
  • Winky Gets Blown Out (released 26 April 1917, 475 feet)
  • Winky Tries Chicken Raising (released 3 May 1917, 517 feet) — similar in length to Winky Tries Chicken Raising (1914)

Winky's Woes was released as Winky's Ruse (1914).

The last known public screening of a "Winky" film appears to have been Winky Becomes a Family Man (1914) at the Cheltenham Picture House in October 1919.


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