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A selection of individuals who served with the Royal Welsh (or Welch) Fusiliers.

The regiment had been known by it's historic name of Royal Welch Fusiliers, but was the spelling "Welsh" was used officially by the British Army during the Boer War and the First World War.


Forces War Records — Royal Welsh Fusiliers:

Royal Welsh Fusiliers during WW1
The Regiment raised 39 Battalions, was awarded 77 battle honours and 8 Victoria Crosses during the course of the War. The Regiment also included several notable authors, such as; David Jones (both a painter and one of the first-generation British modernist poets), Siegfried Sassoon (an English poet, writer who greatly influence the work of Wilfred Owen), Robert Graves (an English poet, scholar/translator/writer) and the Welsh-language poet Hedd Wyn, who was killed at Ypres in 1917.