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A selection of the many public houses, inns, hotels, beerhouses, social clubs, etc which sold alcohol in Huddersfield and the surrounding districts.

Properties such as the Butcher's Arms might also be named in records as the Butchers' Arms. Most pubs now leave out the apostrophe on their signs and, for practical purposes, the format Butchers Arms is generally used for page names on this site (except when that would obviously be incorrect or dubious, such as the Sportsman's Inn or the King's Head).

An extended list which also includes premises not yet added to this site is also available.

Of the premises which have a known location:

  • 36% are still pubs
  • 33% have been re-purposed into residential properties, restaurants, etc.
  • 31% have been demolished

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Green indicates the premises is believed to still be a pub, orange means that the building still likely exists but has undergone a change of use, and grey icons indicates that the building has probably been demolished.

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