C. Haigh and Co., Limited

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C. Haigh & Co. Ltd. were a skep (wicker container) manufacturers of Bankfield Skep Works, Huddersfield. The business was established by skep maker Charles Haigh (1836-1916)[1] of 42 Bankfield Road, Huddersfield.

A fire broke out on the top floor of the skep works on the evening of 11 April 1886 but was brought under control in half an hour. The Huddersfield Chronicle reported that "the room was stored with willows, many bundles of which were burnt, as well as the beams of the roof".[2]

Haigh provided a widely reprinted newspaper testimonial for the Tikheel toothache product:

Testimonial from Mr. Charles Haigh, Skep Maker [...] "Gentlemen, my wife having been a great sufferer from some time from Tic and Neuralgia, and having tried a good many medicines without receiving any benefit, was induced by Mr. Bygott, Chemist, to try a bottle of Tikheel. Strange to say, after taking three doses of the medicine, she was completely cured, and has not had the least pain since. You are at liberty to make any use of this testimonial you think proper, as I think every one should know there is such a certain and rapid cure for Neuralgia."

Charles' sons Walter William Haigh (c.1871-1944)[3] and John Edward Haigh (1876-1958)[4] also worked as basket makers.

An invoice from 1923 noted that the firm kept yarn skeps and weavers' baskets in stock.

Notes and References

  1. Born 2 June 1836 and baptised 17 July 1836 at Horbury. Married Eliza Ann Hopwood on 9 October 1864 at Queen Street Chapel, Huddersfield.
  2. "Fire" in Huddersfield Chronicle (04/Dec/1886).
  3. Married Louise Mellor in 1896. Died 13 June 1944.
  4. Born 13 August 1876. Married Annie Herd. Died 30 December 1858.

C. Haigh and Co., Limited


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