Bygone Yorkshire (1892) edited by William Andrews

This item is part of a growing collection of Public Domain books about the county of Yorkshire.

Bygone Yorkshire


  • Lake-Dwellings of Yorkshire by T. Tindall Wildridge (page 1)
  • An Ancient Monolith by W.H. Thompson (page 39)
  • Relics and Remnants by John Nicholson (page 40)
  • Yorkshire Castles: Some of their Historic Associations by Edward Lamplough (page 64)
  • York Castle by Sidney W. Clarke (page 74)
  • Castles and Castle Builders: Bolton Castle and the Scropes (page 82)
  • Ramparts, Walls, and Bars of York by W. Camidge (page 93)
  • The Ivanhoe Country by the Rev. Geo. S. Tyack (page 115)
  • Knights Templars by J.J. Sheahan (page 124)
  • St. Mary's Abbey, York by George Benson (page 145)
  • Byland Abbey: Its Histqrical Associations by Edward Lamplough (page 154)
  • Robin Hood in Yorkshire by Charles A. Federer (page 164)
  • The Pilgrimage of Grace by W.H. Thompson (page 174)
  • The History, Traditions, and Curious Customs of York Minster by George Benson (page 192)
  • A Story of the Gunpowder Plot by the Rev. Geo. S. Tyack (page 204)
  • The Spinning-Wheel by I.W. Dickinson, (page 213)
  • Rjpon and its Minster by George Parker (page 221)
  • Ripon Spurs by T.C. Heslington (page 240)
  • Captain Cook, the Circumnavigator by W.H. Burnett (page 244)
  • Farnley Hall by J.A. Clapham (page 255)
  • Index (page 265)

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