Burman and Greenwood, Limited

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Burman and Greenwood were an oil, paint and varnish merchant who are known to have been based on High Street, Huddersfield, in 1920 and on Albion Street by 1937.

The firm had originally been Burman & Calvert, a partnership established in 1836 between Mr. Calvert of Cross Church Street and James Burman (1813-1895). Within a few years, Calvert had retired and Burman continued the business alone. In 1848, a young John Greenwood (c.1836-1895)[1] was employed by Burman and the two entered into partnership as Burman & Greenwood in November 1862.

Burman retired on 24 November 1873[2] and spent a couple of years living on Jersey before settling in Southport. In the early 1890s he suffered a bout of influenza and his health slowly declined until he died in 1895.[3]

John Greenwood died at around 7:20am on 5 January 1895 aged 59, also from the affects of a bout influenza caught around the same time as Burman. He had joined the firm of Burman & Calvert in aged about 12 and later married the daughter of iron merchant Joseph Taylor (founder of Joseph Taylor and Sons).[4] His son, Albert Edward Greenwood, and grandson, Frank Edwards Greenwood, continued the business.

One long-serving employee was Charles Edward Binns, who reportedly worked for the company for over 50 years and "was well known in the decorating trade throughout the North of England."[5]

The private company Burman and Greenwood Limited was formed in 1951 with a capital of £60,000, at which time the managing director and chairman was Frank Edwards Greenwood of Edgerton Villa.[6]


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Notes and References

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Burman and Greenwood, Limited


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