Bull and Mouth Street, Huddersfield

Bull and Mouth Street is a former street in Huddersfield which was lost during redevelopment of the area around the Public Library and Art Gallery to create the Piazza Shopping Centre.

It gave its name to the Bull and Mouth inn, which was situated at the northern end of the street.


Originally called Bull and Mouth Lane on the 1851 Town Plan, it connected Ramsden Street to Swine Market and continued northwards as Shambles Street.

At its southern end were the Ramsden Street Congregational Chapel and the Philosophical Hall (both facing onto Ramsden Street). Towards the northern end of the street were located the Guild Hall Sunday School and the Lock Up (later the Borough Police Station).

By the time of the 1890 Town Plan, the Hall had become the Theatre Royal and further development of Queen Street had created Cross Queen Street. The building of the Market Hall in 1878 resulted in Swine Market being renamed Victoria Street.


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