Brook Mill, Clay Lane, Crimble, Golcar

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  • location: off Clay Lane, Crimble, Golcar
  • status: still exists
  • architect: John Kirk and Sons
  • category: woollen mill

Built by George Haigh circa 1864, the mill was situated on the township boundary of Golcar and Slaithwaite.

John Kirk & Sons placed the following contract notice in the local press in early 1864:[1]

TO BUILDERS. TENDERS are required for the Excavators', Masons', Carpenters', Joiners', Plumbers', Glaziers', Ironfounders', Painters', and Blue Slaters', WORKS, in the ERECTION of a WOOLLEN MILL, BOILER HOUSE, ENGINE HOUSE, and LONG CHIMNEY, at Crimble, in Slaithwaite.


Notes and References

  1. "Contract" in Huddersfield Chronicle (27/Feb/1864).