Broadfield, Lingards

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  • location: Lingards
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Edmund Shaw operated a tannery at Broadfield in the 1840s.[1][2]


Slaithwaite Notes: Past and Present (1905) - Chapter XXV:

Not everyone will know why Broadfields are called Tanners. For their information let me tell such that at one time a large business was done here in tanning, which is another of those industries lost to Slaithwaite. The pits were filled up in my time and made into a garden for the three cottages, to one of which my dear old friend G. Haigh brought his lovely young bride from Golcar. Long before the time I am speaking about lived Tanner Shaw, and this is what gave it its name. He was a man of substance, a large farmer with many head of cattle, occupying all the lands in the bottoms as well as all Broadfields. In this line he did an extensive business. It used to be one of the sights to see all the animals returning at night to their home — something like the Swiss cattle returning from the mountains.


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