Bridge Inn, Bridge Street, Lockwood


  • also known as: Bridge Tavern, Bridge Hotel
  • appears on maps: 1890 [#113]
  • location: corner of Bridge Street & Water Street, Lockwood
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: public house, beerhouse, inn, etc.

The premises was closed in 1935 after being referred for compensation.[1]


The History of Lockwood and North Crosland (1980) by Brian Clarke:

Originally a beerhouse dating back to 1837 when Sam Bryam was licensee, the Hanson family who owned the house converted in 1870 to Inn status. In 1880 Henry Clayton, previously of the Victoria, became licensee and he built up a thriving Livery Stable business in a yard alongside the river, near the Inn. Purchased by Bentley & Shaw in 1896 closure came on 5th December 1935. The building remained empty for many years until demolished in the 1960s.


Notes and References

  1. "Huddersfield Licences" in Leeds Mercury (14/Mar/1935).