Brewster Sessions of 1934

The Brewster Sessions were the "annual meetings of licensing justices to deal with the grant, renewal, and transfer of licences to sell intoxicating liquor".

Upper Agbrigg Division Sessions

The annual sessions were held on 13 February 1934.

Superintendent J. T. Cockroft reported that there were 182 licenced premises, including 124 full licences and 36 beerhouse licences. A further 86 clubs were registered. A total of 25 people "had been proceeded against for drunkenness" and another 10 for "offences against the intoxicating liquor laws". Six licensees "had been proceeded against, five of whom were convicted".

Following recommendations from local J.P.s, the following properties were referred to the West Yorkshire Compensation Authority on the grounds of redudnancy:

Huddersfield Borough Sessions

The annual sessions were held on 14 February 1934.

The Yorkshire Post reported that the following objections to renewals on the grounds of redundancy had been made:

The following renewals were held over to the Adjourned Sessions in March on the grounds of licensing breaches during the year:

The application of John Milligan to transfer his licence from the Unicorn Inn (Castlegate) to "new premises to be erected at the junction of of Rosemary Lane and Denton Lane with Southgate was successful. This was presumably the Southgate Hotel.

Adjourned Sessions

The adjourned sessions were held on 14 March.

The licences of the Fountain, Captains Arms and Royal Oak were referred to the West Yorkshire Compensation Authority and were not renewed. The remaining renewals were granted, including the Flyboat Inn.