Brewster Sessions of 1901

The Brewster Sessions were the "annual meetings of licensing justices to deal with the grant, renewal, and transfer of licences to sell intoxicating liquor".

The Hull Daily Mail (22/Aug/1901) published a "comparative table of drunkenness" in Northern England:

Name of Borough Convicted Total Cases Per 1,000 Population
Wakefield 437 168 607 14.61
Salford 1,810 645 2,538 11.45
Middlesborough 530 216 749 8.21
Hull 1,272 491 1,802 7.48
Blackpool 203 73 290 6.12
Blackburn 442 219 698 5.47
York 281 85 415 5.31
Scarborough 141 59 202 5.30
Oldham 436 223 695 5.06
Burnley 256 125 430 4.43
Leeds 1,188 474 1,785 4.16
Rochdale 221 94 345 4.15
Warrington 178 68 265 4.01
Wigan 110 54 243 3.99
Southport 108 35 183 3.77
Sheffield 948 269 1,291 3.39
Bolton 393 99 561 3.33
Huddersfield 151 64 222 2.,33
Halifax 116 42 217 2.06
Bradford 386 125 565 2.01
total 9,608 3.629 14,103 average 5.33

The following report is based on newspaper coverage of the sessions for the borough.

Huddersfield Borough Brewster Sessions

The Brewster Sessions for the Borough of Huddersfield was held on 21 August 1901 in front of the chairman, Colonel Greenwood. The chief constable's report noted that there were 347 licences in the borough and 65 clubs "where intoxicating drinks were sold" with a total membership of 16,891.

An application was made for the "renewal or restoration" of the licence for the former Diana Inn on King Street, Huddersfield, which had been refused at the previous sessions on the grounds that the tenant, Mrs. M. Brook, had "permitted betting on horse races". The new tenant was to be Edward Harling, but the magistrates refused the application.

The renewal of the licence of the Green Dragon Inn on Westgate was also refused — this may have been due to the fact that there were plans to redevelop the area.

At the adjourned sessions held on 25 September, the brewery Bentley & Shaw applied to have the licence for the Old Hat Inn on West Parade transferred. To allow for road widening, the old premises had been demolished and a new one had been built nearby at the junction with Springwood Street. The application was granted.

Upper Agbrigg Division Sessions

The Upper Agbrigg Sessions were held on 27 August 1901 at the County Police Court, Huddersfield. Superintendent Pickard reported that there were "153 innkeepers, 75 beersellers, and 23 others who sold drink for consumption off the premises", which equated to "one licensed house for every 274 of the population". Only one new application had been submitted — for an "off licence" at Meltham — but it was withdrawn prior to the sessions. All of the existing licenses were renewed with the exception of one, which was held over to the adjourned sessions.

At the adjourned sessions held on 24 September, the renewal of the licence for the Sun Inn at Pole Gate, Slaithwaite, was refused following an objection from the police. It was stated that the pub was a "disorderly house" with four recent convictions and that it was "not necessary" due to other nearby premises. The final tenant was named as Robert Sykes.


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