Brewster Sessions of 1876

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Licensing Session for Games

A separate session was held on 6 November at the Borough Police Court to consider the 135 applications for "licences for music, dancing, billiards, &c."

applicant abode or location premises licence granted?
George Armitage Albert Street, Lockwood Star Inn music N
David Aspinall Salendine Nook Spotted Cow music and dominoes N
James Beardsall Chapel Hill, Huddersfield Oddfellows' Arms bagatelle Y
Robert Bell Market Street, Paddock Ship Inn music N
David Benson Chapel Hill, Huddersfield Clarence Arms music N
John Bower Berry Brow Windmill Inn music N
John Boothroyd Leeds Road, Huddersfield Gardeners' Inn bagatelle Y
Joseph Branch Lockwood Shoulder of Mutton batatelle Y
Edwin Bray Leeds Road, Huddersfield Spinners' Inn music, dancing, skittles, brasses, and draughts N
John Brittan Beast Market, Huddersfield Bull's Head Inn music and draughts N
Sam Broadbent Greenside, Dalton Star Inn bagatelle Y
Sarah Ann Batley Moldgreen Green Cross billiards Y
John Broadbent Victoria Street Brunswick Arms bagatelle Y
Hiram Burley Kirkgate, Huddersfield Pack Horse billiards Y
Joseph Berry Fartown Thornhill Arms bagatelle Y
Daniel Callaghan Upperhead Row, Huddersfield Wheat Sheaf Inn bagatelle Y
John Wood Carter Royd's Hall Angel Inn music and dancing N
Richard Cayford Buxton Road, Huddersfield Buxton House bagatelle Y
John Challand Birkby Victoria Hotel music N
Peter Clarke Dock Street, Huddersfield Dock Tavern music and dominoes N
Henry Clayton Lockwood Road Victoria Hotel music N
William Clayton Kirkgate, Huddersfield Fleece Inn music N
Robert Cockburn Thomas Street, Huddersfield North's Arms music and brasses N
James Cooper Market Street, Huddersfield Cherry Tree billiards Y
Thomas Cowgill Ramsden Street, Huddersfield Dog and Gun dominoes and draughts N
William Crossley Newsome Fountain Inn music (band once a week) Y
George Curtis John William Street, Huddersfield George Hotel billiards Y
Joseph Cusson Upperhead Row, Huddersfield Victoria Inn music and dominoes N
Frederick Davis Fartown Royal Hotel bagatelle Y
John Dawson Leeds Road, Huddersfield Waggon and Horses music, brasses, and skittles N
Thomas Dawson Sheepridge Woolpack Inn music N
William Drayton Lane End Bay Horse Inn billiards Y
Charles Drewing Albert Street, Huddersfield Brunswick Hotel music N
Thomas Henry Driver Kirkgate, Huddersfield Clothiers' Arms music and dancing N
Betsy Dyson Cowcliffe Shepherd's Arms music, dominoes and brasses N
Enoch Dyson Berry Brow Golden Fleece bagatelle Y
John Dyson Market Street, Paddock Commercial Inn music and dancing N
Charles Earnshaw Berry Brow Brown Cow bagatelle Y
Hannah Earnshaw Marsh Cropper's Arms bagatelle Y
Mary Eastwood Colne Road, Huddersfield Bridge Inn music and dominoes N
Emma Finney Spring Street, Huddersfield London Tavern music N
John Firth Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Ivy Green music, dominoes, and cards N
Joseph Fitton Manchester Road, Huddersfield Fountain Inn bagatelle Y
George Garthwaite Westgate, Huddersfield Paragon Inn music N
James Gately Kirkgate, Huddersfield Huddersfield Arms music and dancing N
Emma Giles Beast Market, Huddersfield Boy and Barrel music (band once a week) Y
John Gommersall Dalton Black Horse bowls and bagatelle Y
George Gothard Raschliffe Hill Road Swan Inn music, skittles, and brasses N
John Grimshaw Crosland Moor Griffin Inn music N
Irvin Haigh Castlegate, Huddersfield Brewer's Boy music N
Thomas Halstead Chapel Hill, Huddersfield Royal Oak music N
Henry Hamer Manchester Road, Huddersfield Richmond Inn music N
Mary Hamer Dalton Jolly Sailor dominoes and brasses N
Thomas Hamer Newsome Crimea Inn music N
Thomas Hanson Wakefield Road Waterloo music N
William Hardcastle Leeds Road, Huddersfield Weavers' Arms music and dancing N
Henry Harper Brow Road, Paddock Brow Tam O' Shanter music, dancing, and singing N
Rachel Harrison Dalton Brook's Arms bagatelle Y
George Hebden Birkby Spink Nest music N
John Hellawell Spring Grove Street, Huddersfield Grove Inn music N
William Hepworth Newtown, Huddersfield Newtown Tavern music and draughts N
Martin Hey Birchencliffe Royal Hotel music and dancing N
Sarah Jane Hill Northgate, Huddersfield Musicians' Inn music and dominoes N
Alfred Hindle King Street, Huddersfield Diana Inn music N
John Hindle Charles Street, Huddersfield Golden Cross music N
George Hirst Salford, Lockwood New Inn music, cards, dominoes, brasses, and puff & dart N
Henry Hirst Northgate, Huddersfield Shakespeare Inn bagatelle Y
John Sykes Hirst Buxton Road, Huddersfield West Riding music N
Sarah Ann Hirst Berry Brow, Almondbury Railway Hotel music (band once a week) Y
Richard Hodson Northgate, Huddersfield Spotted Cow music N
Ben Holroyd Almondbury Star Inn music, dancing, and brasses N
Samuel Hopkinson Lindley Globe Inn brasses and dominoes N
Jonas Horsfall Victoria Street, Huddersfield Victoria Inn billards Y
Mallinson Horsfall Hawke Street, Huddersfield Fleece Inn cards and dominoes N
Matthias Howarth Upperhead Row, Huddersfield Exchange Inn music N
John Hudswell Hillhouse Engine Tavern brasses, skittles, and dominoes N
James Ibberson Marsh Junction Inn music N
Elizabeth Ann Iredale Macaulay Street, Huddersfield Plumbers' Arms music N
George Iredale Victoria Street, Huddersfield Unicorn Inn music and dominoes N
Thomas Iredale Lockwood British Oak music N
William Iredale Bumroyd, Newsome Victoria Hotel bagatelle Y
Joseph Ives Castlegate, Huddersfield Rising Sun music N
Henry Kaye Lindley Saddle Hotel music N
Maria Knight Sheepridge Belle Vue Hotel dancing, billiards, bagatelle, and bowls Y
Samuel Latham Huddersfield Falstaff Inn music and dominoes N
Joah Lockwood Wakefield Road, Moldgreen Junction Inn music (band once a week) Y
James Lodge Cross Church Street, Huddersfield Sun Inn music N
Sam Lodge Thomas Street, Huddersfield Mitre Inn music, skittles, dominoes, and brasses N
Hugh Lonsdale Lockwood Road, Lockwood Bath Hotel bowling green, billiards, and bagatelle Y
James Lund Westgate, Huddersfield Swan with Two Necks music N
Jonathan Marsden Queen Street South, Huddersfield Zetland Arms bagatelle and handbells (once a week) Y
Joseph Mangham St. John's Road, Huddersfield Sportsman's Arms billiards Y
Martha Micklethwaite Spring Street, Huddersfield Brewers' Arms dominoes and puff & dart N
Emma Morrison New Street, Huddersfield Imperial Hotel billiards Y
William Moxton Manchester Street, Huddersfield Shoulder of Mutton music and dominoes N
John Butterfield Muff Bradford Road, Huddersfield Waggon and Horses music, skittles and brasses N
William Henry Neaverson King Street, Huddersfield New Inn music N
Mark Noble Salford, Lockwood Druids' Arms music N
Thomas Noble King Street, Huddersfield Hope on Anchor music N
William Noble Almondbury Ratcliffe Arms music N
Alfred North Albert Street, Huddersfield Lamb Inn music and dancing N
Harriet Peil High Street, Huddersfield New Buxton House music, dominoes, and corks N
Edward Redfearn Moldgreen Commercial Inn bagatelle Y
George Rhodes Ramsden Street, Huddersfield Zetland Hotel music (band of the Rifle Corps) Y
Alfred Rushworth Berry Brow Royal Albert bagatelle Y
Charles Rowlands Manchester Road, Huddersfield Cotton Operatives' Hotel bagatelle Y
John W. Schofield Birkby Armitage Arms brasses, dominoes, and cards N
Rowland Scholes Hillhouse Black Bull Inn music, dominoes, and brasses N
Ann Senior Castlegate, Huddersfield Unicorn Inn bagatelle Y
Charles Senior Crosland Moor Sands House music and dominoes N
Jabez Spencer Northumberland Street, Huddersfield Prime Hotel music and brasses N
Abraham Spivey King Street, Huddersfield Globe Inn music N
James Stott Lockwood Road Crescent Hotel music, dominoes, and brasses N
John Stringer Westgate, Huddersfield Criterion Hotel billiards Y
Charles Sykes Hillhouse Lamb Inn brasses N
Francis Sykes Almondbury Clarence Hotel music and dominoes N
Joseph Sykes Colne Road, Huddersfield Talbot Inn music and dancing N
James Taylor Crosland Moor Bottom Junction Hotel music, dancing, and brasses N
George Thompson Wood Street, Huddersfield Crescent Inn music N
John Thompson Victoria Street Bull and Mouth Hotel billiards Y
Henry Thornton Yew Green, Lockwood Railway Hotel music N
James Thornton Ramsden Street, Huddersfield Ship Inn music N
Joe Thwaite Sheepridge Butchers' Arms bagatelle Y
Charles Tinker Market Street, Huddersfield Queen Hotel billiards Y
William Vickerman Moldgreen Boar's Head music and dominoes N
David Waddington Moldgreen Staff of Life bagatelle and music (band practice once a week) Y
Charles Henry Walker Paddock Royal Oak music N
Thomas Walsh Castlegate, Huddersfield Mechanics' Arms music, dancing, and dominoes N
Mary Waterhouse Aspley Fly Boat Inn bagatelle Y
Mary Woffenden Almondbury Wellington Inn dominoes N
Eli Wood Northgate, Huddersfield Northgate Inn music, draughts, and brasses N