Brewster Sessions of 1865

The Brewster Sessions were the "annual meetings of licensing justices to deal with the grant, renewal, and transfer of licences to sell intoxicating liquor".

The following report is based on newspaper coverage of the sessions held on 24 August and 28 September 1865.


On the bench:

  • George Armitage (chair), Wright Mellor, Joshua Moorhouse, Joseph Hirst, Jonathan Beaumont, Lieutenant-Colonel Crosland, and Major Brooke.

William Booth (Junction Inn, Cartworth) had been fined twice during the year and his licence was suspended until the adjourned session.

A total of 24 applications for new licences were submitted, although George Haigh failed to attend the session and was withdrawn:

applicant abode premises granted?
George Lodge Newsome Albion Inn N
William Chapman Bridge End, Dalton Oddfellows' Arms N
James Charlesworth Foolstone Craven's Arms Y
Frederick Heap Honley Star of the Day N
Hugh Holmes Deanhouse, Honley Cricketer's Arms N
Dan Goddard Fitzwilliam Street, Huddersfield Fitzwilliam Hotel Y
Benjamin Spencer Folly Hall Triangle N
Joseph Haigh Bradley Folly Hall Royal Oak Y
Martha Berry Byram Street, Huddersfield Crescent Inn Y
Benjamin Finney Spring Street, Hudderfield Spring Street Hotel N
Matthew Gawthorpe Westgate, Huddersfield Plumbers Arms Y
Jonas Horsfall Victoria Street, Huddersfield Staff of Life Y
Giles Eastwood Colne Road, Huddersfield Bridge Inn N
Sybil Holt Cross Grove Street, Huddersfield Three Nuns N
Robert Chadwick Kirkburton Fir Tree Inn N
John Beevers Smith Riding, Linthwaite Ivy House Y
George Lockwood Lane Top, Linthwaite Alma Inn N
Alfred Hirst Woodroyd House, Linthwaite Royal Oak N
Sarah Hirst Crosland Moor, Lockwood Foresters Arms N
John North Crosland Moor, Lockwood Britannia N
George Haigh Rashcliffe, Lockwood White Swan n/a
John Rodgers Lowergate, Longwood Brooks Arms N
Joshua Kenworthy Buckstones, Marsden Buckstones Inn N
William Holroyd Marsden Railway Hotel Y

The application of Robert Chadwick (Fir Tree Inn, Kirkburton) was deferred until "certain alterations" were made to the premises.

At the adjourned session, the issue of the Dog Inn on Kirkgate and its licencee James Armitage was raised again. Superintendent Heaton called Armitage a "lawless fellow" and the magistrates resolved that if the lady who owned the property could get rid of Armitage, they would transfer the licence to Abraham Spivey.

Rowland Scholes (Black Bull Inn, Hillhouse) was called to explain why he had not attended the first session. He explained that he had asked his wife to attend in his absence but she had forgot. As he had kept his house for 11 years without complaint, the licence was renewed.

Thomas Cane (Foresters' Arms, Cumberworth-Half) explained that he had missed the session due to the theft of a heifer worth £13. John Jenkinson (Rose & Crown, Kirkburton) had delegated the task to a representative who had failed to arrive in time. Both had their licences renewed.

Finally, the licence of William Booth (Junction Inn, Cartworth) was discussed. Superintendent Heaton stated that both Booth and his wife were ill and that "the house was in a most deplorable state of sickness". After discussion, the licence was transferred to the owner of the premises, Anthony Hirst.


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