Brewster Sessions of 1859

The Brewster Sessions were the "annual meetings of licensing justices to deal with the grant, renewal, and transfer of licences to sell intoxicating liquor".

The following report is based on newspaper coverage of the sessions held on 25 August and 27 September 1859.


On the bench:

  • George Armitage (chair), John Brooke, J.T. Fisher, J. Moorhouse, W. Willans, T. Mallinson, J.T. Armitage, and L.R. Starkey

Armitage began by congratulating the licencees for the fact that there had been 20 fewer convictions that the previous years. With the exception of two, all of the existing licences were renewed for another year — both were held over until the the adjourned session:

  • Jesse Kaye (Big Valley Hotel, South Crosland) for "abominable" behaviour towards the police
  • Sampson Knight (Shepherds Inn, Meltham) for "having kept a very badly-conducted house"

A total of five applications for new licences were submitted (two of which were to sell small amounts of spirits), but all were refused.

applicant abode premises granted?
Richard Palmer Red House, Dalton N
Jeremiah Cock Crimble, Golcar N
Richard Barker (spirit merchant) Market Place, Huddersfield N
Jabez Moore Lane Ends, Lindley N
Thomas Fearl Crosland Moor Commercial beerhouse N

At the adjourned session, William Wilson (Commercial Inn, Honley) was called for failing to attend the previous session. He stated he had had to work that day and had completely forgotten. His excuse was accepted and his licence renewed.

In the case of Sampson Knight (Shepherds Inn, Meltham), Superintendent Heaton objected to the renewal. However, Mr. Mills pleaded that the owner of the premises was a poor widow whose only income was the rental paid by Knight. After deliberating, the magistrates decided to transfer the licence to the widow so that she could find a better tenant.

Jesse Kaye's renewal (Big Valley Hotel, South Crosland) was eventually granted despite further objections from Superintendent Heaton, but Kaye was warned that the magistrates had the power to cancel his licence at any time if he was convicted two or more times during a year.


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