Brewster Sessions of 1854

The Brewster Sessions were the "annual meetings of licensing justices to deal with the grant, renewal, and transfer of licences to sell intoxicating liquor".

The following report is based on newspaper coverage of the 1854 sessions.


On the bench:

  • George Armitage (chair), John Starkey, J.T. Fisher, and T.P. Crosland

Of the successful renewals, Mr. Beavers (Horse Shoe Inn on Kirkgate), Mr. Hawkyard (Spread Eagle Hotel on Granby Street), Mr. Peace (Albion Hotel, Buxton Road), Luke Swift (Clothiers Arms Inn, Kirkgate) and Michael Wilson (Royal Oak, Beast Market) were cautioned by the bench.

Thomas Shann (Shann's Dram Shop, Buxton Road) has his licence suspended until the adorned session due to Superintendent Heaton complaining that "the house was not well conducted" — only a week before he had seen "three disreputable females coming out of the place in a beastly state of intoxication, so that a neighbour had to call for a cab, into which one was lifted without power to help herself." In his defence, Shann stated that the women had only "had quarter or a gill of whiskey".

Of the 16 new applications, only 2 were granted:

applicant abode premises granted?
Samuel Peaker Broad Ing, Austonley N
Joseph Eastwood Skelmanthorpe, Cumberworth-Half N
David Lockwood[1] Dalton Lane End, Dalton N
Jeremiah Cock Crimble, Golcar N
Thomas Henry Mitchell Harden Moss, Holme N
Thomas Smith Bradford Road End, Huddersfield Y
Joseph Oxley West Parade, Huddersfield N
Samuel McMillan Shore, Huddersfield N
John Newton Bottom of Market Place, Huddersfield N
Richard Barker Market Place, Huddersfield N
Elizabeth Sharp Northumberland Street, Huddersfield N
Jabez Moore Owen Lane End, above Marsh, Lindley N
Joseph Crow Bottom of Crosland Moor, Lockwood Y
John Waterhouse Mill Moor, Meltham Cat Inn N
Jonathan Sandford Burnlee, Upperthong N
Abraham Hayley Holmfirth Druid's Hall[2] N

At the adjourned session, Thomas Shann of Buxton Road stated that he had "never been convicted for improper management during the 15 years he had occupied the vaults in question, and endeavoured, by all possible means, to act as a good landlord, always refusing to supply drink to such as appeared intoxicated."

It was then argued that Inspector Heaton had made a mistake — Shann stated that the women had not been drunk when they left his dram shop but had gone next door into the Buxton Road Tap. Heaton had been called later on when "there had been a little altercation" and had assumed the women had stumbled out of Shann's premises.

After deliberating, the bench removed the suspension of Shann's licence.

Transfers of Licences

During the following 12 months, the following transfers of licences were reported:

date premises from to
03/Mar/1854 Queen Hotel, Huddersfield Joseph Gaunt William Veevers (Beevers?) of Huddersfield
03/Mar/1854 Crown Tavern, Huddersfield (Crown Hotel?) William Booth Shuttleworth John Haigh of Huddersfield
03/Mar/1854 New Inn, Huddersfield Samuel Mann Joseph Woodhead of Brighouse
03/Mar/1854 Waggon and Horses Inn, Longwood Edwin Gledhill Samuel Dyson of Stainland
05/May/1854 Commercial Inn, Moldgreen Harry Heald Will Storey of Huddersfield
05/May/1854 Travellers Inn, Honley Charles J. Lancaster Joseph Cudworth of Honley
05/May/1854 Clothiers Arms, Huddersfield George Partridge Harriet Wraithmell of Huddersfield
05/May/1854 Waggon and Horses, Meltham Reuben Redfearn Timothy Balmforth of Marsden
05/May/1854 Sportsman's Inn, Huddersfield William Goldthorp John Dewhirst of Huddersfield
05/May/1854 Woolpack, Huddersfield Thomas Hartley (deceased) James Hartley
05/May/1854 Olive Branch, Marsden David Cooper (deceased) Jane Cooper (his widow)
05/May/1854 King's Arms[3], Whitley Upper Robert Watson John Riley of Harrogate
05/May/1854 Lamb Inn, Hillhouse Joe Cliffe Ezra Hoyle of Bradford
05/May/1854 Crown Hotel, Holmfirth James Walker McDonald James Haigh of Huddersfield
05/May/1854 Beaumonts' Arms, Kirkburton Thomas Hudson Charles Kaye of Kirkburton
05/May/1854 Warren House Inn, Linthwaite James Boocock Mary Boocock (his sister)


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Notes and References

  1. Did not attend the session.
  2. Presumably also known as Druids Hotel, Station Road, Holmfirth.
  3. This may have been a newspaper error and the inn was the Kayes Arms, Whitley Upper?