Brewster Sessions of 1853

The Brewster Sessions were the "annual meetings of licensing justices to deal with the grant, renewal, and transfer of licences to sell intoxicating liquor".

The following report is based on newspaper coverage of the 1853 sessions.


On the bench:

  • Joseph Armitage (chair), John Haigh, Joseph Starkey, T.P. Crosland, J.T. Fisher, John Starkey, John Brooke, William Leigh Brook, Joshua Moorhouse, and Joshua Charlesworth

The renewals of Thomas Bath (Austonley) and Jane Fisher (Royal Oak, Skelmanthorpe) were suspended. Fisher had used "abusive language towards constables visiting her house".

Mary Lindley (Scholes) was allowed to transfer her licence to another house.

There were 38 applications for new licences of which 12 were granted:

applicant abode premises granted?
Joseph Hirst Berry Brow "near the railway station" Y
George Carter Skye Botton, Newmill, Fulstone Y
Abraham Ellis Scar Lane, Golcar Y
Jarvis Holroyd Fartown Bar Y
William Goldthorpe[1] John William Street, Huddersfield Y
James Denison Wood Street (top of Swallow Street), Huddersfield Y
Hannah Kilner Highgate Lane, Lepton Y
William Rhodes St. Stephen's Road, Lindley Y
William Bocock Rashcliffe, Lockwood Y
Joshua Cuttle Cliffe End, Longwood "near the railway station" Y
George Battye Woodhead Road, Upperthong Y
Matthew Lockwood Thongsbridge "near the railway station" Y

Jane Fisher (Royal Oak, Skelmanthorpe) appealed the decision not to renew her licence but the decision was upheld. Instead the licence was transferred to the owner of the property, Joseph Clarkson, "in order that he might put in a respectable tenant as soon as the present occupant's time is up".[2]


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Notes and References

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