Brewster Sessions of 1852

The Brewster Sessions were the "annual meetings of licensing justices to deal with the grant, renewal, and transfer of licences to sell intoxicating liquor".

The following report is based on newspaper coverage of the 1852 sessions.


On the bench:

  • Joseph Armitage (chair), George Armitage, W.L. Brook, J.T. Fisher, Joshua Moorhouse, John Starkey, John Brooke, and T.P. Crosland

Joseph Armitage noted the increase in "unlawful retailing on the Sabbath day" and warned that "the magistrates were determined to exercise the fullest powers the law permitted in arresting this growing evil."

The previous year's application by Elizabeth Ainley to built a new property on top of Castle Hill was heard and her licence revoked. Despite her best efforts, she had been unable to find masons to carry out the work and it was felt "the great amount of work going on in Huddersfield and the neighbourhood" was to blame.

There were 28 applications for new licences of which 3 were granted. Excluding Ainley's application, the remaining 27 were:

applicant abode premises granted?
Joseph Hirst Berry Brow "near the railway station" N
John Bray Underbank, Cartworth N
Joseph Eastwood Skelmanthorpe N
Jonathan Dawson Skye Bottom, Fulstone N
Jeremiah Lock Crimble, Golcar N
Joseph Johnson Scar Head, Golcar N
Thomas Taylor Albert Court, Schofield Yard, New Street, Huddersfield Y
William Burton Marsh Bar Junction Y
Samuel McMillan Shore Head N
Thomas Smith Bradford Road N
Mr. Oxley West Parade, Huddersfield Old Hat beerhouse N
Joseph Ward Manchester Road N
James Townshend Wigney Greenwood Yard, New Street N
William Sheard Colne Street, King's Mill N
Richard Batley Lane Y
William Dodson Engine Bridge N
James Shaw Quay Street, Huddersfield N
Jarvis Holroyd Bradford Road, Fartown N
Elizabeth Sharp Northumberland Street, Huddersfield N
William Hepworth Newtown, Huddersfield N
William Rhodes Lidget Lane, Lindley "near the Mechanics' Institute" N
William Boocock Rashcliffe, Lockwood "near Spring Gardens" N
Joseph Crow Junction, Crosland Moor, Lockwood N
John Haigh Outlane, Longwood N
George Battye Victoria, Hinchliffe Mill, Holmfirth N
Jonathan Sandford Burnlee, Upperthong N
Joseph Marsden Lane End, Wooldale, Holmfirth Brown Cow Inn N

The application of John Kenworthy (Rising Sun, Buckstones, near Scammonden) was refused after Superintendent Heaton reported on "the disorderly state in which [Kenworthy] kept his house."

The renewal of the licence of Messrs. Partridge and Rennison (Cloth Hall Street) was refused after objections from Mr. Smithies (landlord of the White Hart Inn on Cloth Hall Street) and Mr. Gaunt (landlord of the Queen Hotel on Market Street) who "contended that the license had been obtained fraudulently, and that the house was a perfect nuisance to the neighbourhood". To support their claims, a petition "signed by nearly all the respectable inhabitants of Cloth Hall Street" was handed over.

Mr. Alexander Glendinning presented a memorial on behalf of the Huddersfield Temperance Society noting that there was already 89 public houses and 93 beerhouses for the population of 30,000 (or 1 for every 165 persons), and that was "more than sufficient". Any increase, they warned, would result in "serious inconvenience and deplorable mischief."

At the adjourned sessions, spirit merchant Mr. Styring sought permission to have his licence renewed and extended to "make it applicable to another part of [his] premises". Initially the bench felt this amounted to have two licences for the price of one, but eventually agreed with condition attached.

The appeal of Elizabeth Ainley was heard and it was stated that a contract to erect the new building had been secured. However, the bench were split and decided not to give the application a second hearing. Subsequently, at the West Riding Quarter Sessions, sufficient evidence was presented that the decision was overturned.[1]

The appeal by John Kenworthy (Buckstones) was "peremptorily refused."

An application by Francis Ford (Lockwood), presumably to allow gambling, was refused "on the ground of the evil influences resulting to boys, who were frequently induced to gamble".

Transfers of Licences

During the following 12 months, the following transfers of licences were reported:

date premises from to
09/Sep/1852 Waggon and Horses, Leeds Road Ann Mallinson George Mallinson (her son)
10/Oct/1852 Rising Sun, Lockwood Thomas Mortimer Charles Johnson
10/Oct/1852 Clothiers' Arms, Old Street Thomas Balderson Henry Schofield of Thurstonland
10/Oct/1852 Bath Hotel, Lockwood Ellen Barker John Crow (of the Shipwreck Inn)
10/Oct/1852 Shipwreck Inn, Lockwood John Crow Wiliam Copley of Almondbury
10/Oct/1852 Railway Hotel, Holmfirth Matthew Lockwood John Dyson
01/Jan/1853 Albion Hotel, Buxton Road John Spurr John Winter
01/Jan/1853 Commercial Inn, Moldgreen Joseph Heald his widow
01/Jan/1853 Rock Inn, Thurstonland Elizabeth Hellawell Ann Hellawell (her daughter)
05/May/1853 Globe Inn Thomas Marshall John Sutherland Tolson of Huddersfield
05/May/1853 Railway Inn John Pass George Woodhouse of Huddersfield
05/May/1853 Old Oak Tree Henry Eastwood John Beaumont of Huddersfield
05/May/1853 Clothiers' Arms Henry Schofield Harriett Wrathmell
05/May/1853 New Inn George Dyson (deceased) Elizabeth Dyson (his widow)
08/Aug/1853 Warren House, Linthwaite John Armitage Joseph Boocock of Huddersfield
08/Aug/1853 Albion Tavern, Huddersfield (Albion Hotel?) John Winter John Peace
08/Aug/1853 Rose and Crown, Huddersfield George Read (the younger) John Read
08/Aug/1853 Dog Inn, Kirkgate John Brierley Joseph Ibberson
08/Aug/1853 Duke of York Inn, Ramsden Street Joseph Ibberson Joseph Wright
08/Aug/1853 Black Lion Inn, Upperhead Row Joseph Wright John Dyson
08/Aug/1853 Clothiers' Arms, Kirkgate Harriet Wrathmell (Wrathwell?) George Partridge


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Notes and References

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