Brewster Sessions of 1851

The Brewster Sessions were the "annual meetings of licensing justices to deal with the grant, renewal, and transfer of licences to sell intoxicating liquor".

The following report is based on newspaper coverage of the 1851 sessions.


On the bench:

  • Joseph Armitage (chair), B.N.R. Batty, W.W. Battye, Joseph Brook, Joseph Charlesworth, Joshua Moorhouse, J. Starkey, and J.T. Fisher

There were 28 applications for new licences and 5 of those were granted at the initial session, with 4 deferred to the ajourned session. John North (Victoria Street, Huddersfield) and John Rhodes (Westgate, Lindley) failed to appear at the session. The remaining 26 applicants were:

applicant abode premises granted?
William Crossley Newsome N
George Lodge Newsome likely the Albion Inn N
Elizabeth Ainley Castle Hill new property yet to be built deferred
Joseph Hirst Berry Brow N
George Netherwood Moldgreen N
William Hanson Waterloo Bridge, Dalton Y
Jeremiah Cock Crimble, Golcar deferred
David Shaw Headwall Green deferred
Richard Batley Lane, Learoyd Bridge N
Elizabeth Sharp N
Isaac Partridge Northgate, Huddersfield N
George Wood Quay Street, Huddersfield deferred
James Hartley West Parade, Huddersfield N
Henry Hopkinson Manchester Road, Huddersfield N
William Dodson Engine Bridge, Huddersfield N
William Thwaite Sheepridge Y
William Rhodes Lindley N
William Bocock Rashcliffe, Lockwood N
David Hirst Far Moor N
Joseph Crow Crosland Moor N
John Haigh Abbey Lane, Shepley Y
Thomas Moore Lane Side, Netherton N
Robert Jenkinson Stocksmoor likely Clothiers Arms Y
George Battye Victoria, Hinchcliffe Mill, Holmfirth N
Andrew Sanderson Norridge Y
Jonathan Sandford Burnlee N

The Constable of Kirkburton lodged a complaint against David Lockwood (Rose and Crown, Kirkburton) and his renewal was refused.

At the adjourned sessions, C.S. Floyd presented plans on behalf of Elizabeth Ainley "for a license for a new house to be erected on Castle Hill" to replace the existing one. The application was granted on the proviso that "the new building be completed by the next annual licensing day." Joseph Brook was reported as remarking that "the public were crying out for accommodation and for proper places of refreshment" and that he had no objection as long as "a new and safe road was made" to the proposed new building.

The licence previously granted to Mr. Scarlett of Outlane was transferred to the new occupier Mr. G. Gledhill.

Robert Jenkinson's application for a house at Stocksmoor Station (likely the Clothiers Arms Inn) was granted following a favourable inspection by clerk T.S. Bradley, as was the application by George Wood for a house off Castlegate.

The applications of David Shaw and Jeremiah Cock (both Golcar) were refused, as it was felt "there as no need of another house" in that area.

An application to renew the suspended licence of the Rose and Crown (Kirkburton) was renewed "on condition that a respectable tenant be placed in occupation".

The suspended licence of William Ratcliffe (Shepherd's Arms, Cowcliffe) was also renewed when it was claimed that Ratcliffe's servant girl had failed to pass on the summons.

The application of beerhouse keeper Francis Ford (Lockwood) for a billiard table was refused.

Transfers of Licences

During the following 12 months, the following transfers of licences were reported:

date premises from to
12/Dec/1851 New Inn, Almondbury Mary Ann Wooffenden Benjamin Stockdale of Huddersfield
12/Dec/1851 Acorn Inn, Greenside Betty Brunton Wiliam Brunton
12/Dec/1851 Oddfellows Arms, South Crosland Henry Wilson James Walker of Netherton
12/Dec/1851 Crown Tavern, Hudersfield Charles Bradley William Booth Shuttleworth
12/Dec/1851 Royal George, Huddersfield William Gill Berry Hobson
12/Dec/1851 Rose and Crown, Kirkburton William Dyson George Blackshaw of Kirkburton
01/Jan/1852 Imperial J.T. Wigney S. Bradley
01/Jan/1852 Pack Horse S. Bradley George Netherwood
01/Jan/1852 Sovereign Inn, Shepley P. Senior Wilson Hutchinson
01/Jan/1852 Beaumont's Arms, Kirkheaton George Sykes Dyson Joseph Thornton
05/May/1852 Rising Sun, Lockwood Thomas Bray Thomas Martinson of Lockwood
05/May/1852 Bath Hotel, Lockwood William Radcliffe Ellen Barker of Wakefield
05/May/1852 Coach and Horses, Marsden Joseph Bray (deceased) John Waterhouse of Marsden
05/May/1852 Grey Horse, Chapel Hill George Scholes Isaac Partridge
05/May/1852 Freemason's Arms John Inman John Nutton of Dalton
05/May/1852 Ram Inn, Marsden James Lumb Cyrus Fell of Marsden
05/May/1852 Golden Fleece, Meltham Ellen Scott Charles Thomas Mann


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