Brewster Sessions of 1850

The Brewster Sessions were the "annual meetings of licensing justices to deal with the grant, renewal, and transfer of licences to sell intoxicating liquor".

The following report is based on newspaper coverage of the 1850 sessions.


On the bench:

  • Joseph Armitage (chair), B.N.R. Batty, W.W. Battye, Joseph Brook, Joshua Charlesworth (Holmfirth), George Armitage, and Joshua Moorhouse (Holmfirth)

There were 24 applications for new licences and 8 of those were granted. Of the 24, 2 applications were withdrawn before the session and the remaining 22 were:

applicant abode premises granted?
Joseph Hepworth Salford, Almondbury Y
George Lodge Newsome likely the Albion Inn N
W. Crossley Newsome N
George Netherwood Moldgreen N
J. Cock Crimble, Golcar N
A. Hirst Hepworth Y
H. Mitchell N
Owen Moran Upperhead Row, Huddersfield Y
W. Hirst St. Peter's Street, Huddersfield Y
Abel Hanson Folly Hall N
W. Payne King Street, Huddersfield N
John North Victoria Street, Huddersfield N
H. Hopkinson Manchester Street, Huddersfield N
John Aspinall Bell Vue Gardens, Sheepridge Y
Benjamin Beaumont Market Street, Huddersfield Y
William Padmore Huddersfield Railway Station Refreshment Rooms[1] Y
William Rhodes Lindley N
Joseph Crow Lockwood N
Adam Wild Lockwood N
Thomas Lee Slaithwaite Y
James Beever Bowshaw N

John Brierley was "severely reprimanded for allowing prize-fighting in his house".

The licences of William Gill (Royal George Inn on Westagte) and Henry Lockwood (of Kirkburton) were suspended.

Cautions were issued to:

  • Huddersfield — Mr. R. Abbs, George Berry, Mrs. Nancy Booth, Mr. C. Bradley, John Brierley, Joe Cliff, James Dyson, James Hallas, Joel Holland, George Scholes, and Mrs. Lydia North
  • Newsome — James Armitage
  • Almondbury — George Brook, ? Kay, and M. Lodge
  • Hepworth — John Wagstaff
  • Honley — Mr. Jesse Howarth
  • Longwood — Elkanah Hoyle
  • Marsden-in-Huddersfield — George Dodson and Isaac Marsden
  • South Crosland — Hannah Wilson
  • Upperthong — Enoch Marsh
  • Whitley Upper — Joseph Ibbotson

At the adjourned sessions, the appeal of William Gill (Royal George Inn on Westagte) was heard and "on condition that more care would be [taken?] in future", the license was renewed.

Transfers of Licences

During the following 12 months, the following transfers of licences were reported:

date premises from to
07/Jul/1851 Woodman Inn, Bradley William Gibson Mrs. Gibson (his widow)
08/Aug/1851 Leeds Tavern Joseph Starkey Isaac Jagger
08/Aug/1851 Oak, Paddock[2] Charles Crossley Henry Eastwood
08/Aug/1851 Traveller's Inn, Longroyd Mary Lister Thomas Farrington


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Notes and References

  1. Licence granted for "four rooms on the ground floor, a smoking room and waiting room on the second storey".
  2. Probably the Old Oak Tree, Church Street, Paddock.

Brewster Sessions of 1850


Brewster Sessions
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