Brewster Sessions of 1838

The Brewster Sessions were the "annual meetings of licensing justices to deal with the grant, renewal, and transfer of licences to sell intoxicating liquor".

The following report is based on newspaper coverage of the 1838 sessions.


The session was held in the new Guildhall (built by Joseph Kaye and opened the day of the sessions) before Sir John L.L. Kaye (chairman), Joseph Walker, Joseph Armitage, B.N.R. Battye, W.W. Battye, William Brook, Joseph Starkey, and John Sutcliffe.

There were over 60[1] new applications and 8 were granted: William Eddison, John Brunton, Enoch Booth, Joshua Turner, James Sykes (all of Huddersfield), Thomas Ibbotson (Lepton), Joseph Carter (Slaithwaite), and Samuel Hall (Marsden).

A total of 5 previous licences were revoked for "disorderly conducted".


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Notes and References

  1. The Leeds Mercury stated 61 whilst the Leeds Times stated 62.