Bradford Observer (20/Jun/1844) - Huddersfield

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Huddersfield Mechanics' Institution.

On Saturday evening last, the members of the Huddersfield Mechanics' Institution, held the second of a series of monthly meetings, which have been projected with the view of bringing together, from time to time, in social converse, the pupils of the different classes and the friends of the institution generally, and in this way increasing the unity of feeling and purpose by which it is desirable that all concerned with such an establishment should be animated. Nearly 300 persons were present. The chair was occupied by F. Schwann, Esq., the president of the institution. The members of the vocal class (who have attained great proficiency under the able tuition of Mr. John Hirst), assisted by several amateur instrumental performers, contributed much to the harmony of the evening by the performance of a variety of Kent's tine anthems and other pieces ; while the more advanced pupils of the elocution class gave select recitations from the English classics, in a highly creditable manner. The meeting was addressed by the Chairman, and by Win. Marriott, Esq., teacher of the chemical class, and Enoch Mellor, Esq, on topics connected with popular education. Mr. Mellor gave an eloquent, lucid, and graphic summary of the progress of European civilization, which much interested its audience. The Chairman, in the course of his remarks, took occasion to offer a word of advice to the young mechanic in regard to the principles which should actuate him in the par-suit of knowledge. "Knowledge, truth, wisdom (said he) must be loved and sought after for their own sake, and not merely for the sake of their concomitant advantages, must follow after knowledge and get understanding from a higher motive than that ; of thereby bettering our condition and getting on in the world. Laudable as may be our well-directed efforts to achieve external success, it is nobler still to be ambitious of no aristocracy but the aristocracy of intellect and virtue, and quietly, contentedly, modestly, to seek only to adorn a lowly station by a lofty mind. Nature, like nature's God, is no respecter of persons. The lark sings as sweetly for the peasant as for the peer. The flowers yield their perfume to the cottager as to the lord of the soil. The thunders of Niagara roll on unchanged, be the listener earth's mightiest monarch or his meanest subject." The utmost enthusiasm prevailed, and all present appealed to be much gratified and interested by the proceedings.

Highfield Chapel.

This handsome and spacious monument of Christian liberality was opened yesterday week, and following days, the services being renewed on Sunday last. On Thursday morning, there was a public breakfast, which was numerously attended. The Rev. Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Leifchild, and other ministers of note, officiated at the various ceremonies. Collections were made after each service, which, with the proceeds of the breakfast, will realize about 300l. The buildings which have been erected — viz. chapel, minister's house, schools, and dwelling house for the verger, have cost nearly 5000l.

Hall of Science.

On Monday evening last, a public tea party was held in the large vestry connected with the Wesleyan Chapel, Queen Street, for the purpose of aiding that body to purchase the Hall of Science, Bath Buildings, for a day and Sunday School, and evening preaching room. Subscriptions have been promised to the amount of 500l. The price required by the Socialialists for the Hall at first was 1,400l. ; they have now offered it for 1,350l. The Wesleyans are willing to give a fair valuation for it.

Bradford Observer (20/Jun/1844) - Huddersfield


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