Bradford Observer (17/Jan/1867) - Huddersfield: A Man Frozen to Death

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A Man Frozen to Death.

On Monday, a lodging-housekeeper at Meltham, near Huddersfield, died in consequence of starvation. The deceased, whose name is John Hirst, went with James Armitage to the Harden Moss Inn on Sunday afternoon, about two and a-half miles from Meltham, and there had found pints of ale each. They left between five and six o'clock, and when they had gone to Pricker Lane, about two miles from Meltham, Hirst fell, and his companion being too tipsy to assist him home, left him there. He called at the man's house and told his wife. She says he only told her that he left her husband in the lane, without stating his condition. The man did not come home, and on Monday, Armitage and another man went to look for him, and found him stiff and insensible a few yards from where he had fallen. They took him home. Mr. Haigh, surgeon, was called in, but the man died in about an hour.

Bradford Observer (17/Jan/1867) - Huddersfield: A Man Frozen to Death


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