Bradford Observer (16/Feb/1843) - District Intelligence: New Chapel at Highfield

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New Chapel at Highfield.

Preliminary steps are being taken for the purpose of re-building Highfield Chapel. The present old structure was erected at a time when the principles of dissent were scarcely known in this part of the country. Its founders were principally hearers of that truly great and good man, the Rev. Mr. Venn, formerly vicar of Huddersfield. He was, as is well known, one of those exemplary and decidedly evangelical ministers belonging to the Establishment, that adorned the last century. And when he in the providence of God, was called to leave the parish, another came to supply his place of quite an opposite character — a worldly minded man — who simply cared for the form of godliness and denied the power thereof, so that the spiritual children of the pious Mr. Venn were scattered abroad like a flock without a shepherd. Out of this state of things arose the Independent chapel at Highfield, of which it may be said, literally, that its very dust and ruins, whenever it may be taken down, will be precious in the eyes of many an old pilgrim, who, although they saw not the laying of its foundations, nor participated in the joys that thrilled through many a bosom when first the gospel trumpet reverberated within its walls, giving a sure and certain sound, yet have heard their fathers tell. It has ever been a highly honoured place — a sacred spot, to which on the Sabbath morn, for many, many by-gone years, from hill and valley, miles around, multitudes of truly devoted and pious pilgrims have resorted to join in singing the songs of Zion, and to hear what God, the Lord, would speak, and still it is dear to the hearts of hundreds. "Peace has been within its walls, and prosperity within its palaces." And it is also worthy of a passing remark, that since its first erection, only three stated pastors have occupied its pulpit — the last of whom is still labouring with much acceptance, and what is better still, not without success, and with a pleasing prospect of future usefulness — its first occupant was the venerable Wm. Moorhouse, and the other the learned and pious Dr. Boothroyd. But the days of this antique building, in which saints have rejoiced and sinners have been converted, are at length numbered — its walls must be rased to the ground — to give place to one more commodious, and better suited to the age in which we live. The church and congregation have entered into the matter with spirit, and already more than £4,000, are subscribed towards effecting the object, £3,000 of which is available any day, and the remainder will be ready as soon as it will be wanted. Indeed it is more than probable, that the whole cost of the new chapel will be cleared off when it is finished, without leaving any incumbrance upon it afterwards.

Bradford Observer (16/Feb/1843) - District Intelligence: New Chapel at Highfield


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