Bradford Observer (16/Dec/1841) - Huddersfield

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Mysterious Affair.

On the morning of Tuesday week, a servant in the house of Mr. Peter Trumale, painter, in Buxton Road, named Shrah Rooleg, was taken so alarmingly ill, that she was immediately put to bed, and the doctor sent for. On the arrival of the medical man, the unfortunately women confessed that she had that morning be delivered of a child in the privy, and that she had left it there. Immediate search was made, but not trace of the infant has yet been discovered. On hearing of the affair, Mr. Jonathan Leech, the constable, went to the house for the purpose of apprehending the woman, but the surgeon stated that she was in such a weak state that it would not be prudent to remove her ; in consequence of this, the constable delayed taking her into custody, and it now appears that on Sunday morning she was removed for her master's by a young man who frequently visited her, and no clue is afforded to her retreat.

Bradford Observer (16/Dec/1841) - Huddersfield


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