Bradford Observer (15/Dec/1842) - Huddersfield: Death by Drowning

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Death by Drowning.

On Thursday morning last, there was found, by a boatman, in what is generally known by the name of the Second Lock, in the canal between Folly Hall and Aspley, Huddersfield, the dead body of a young man called James Harrison, who previously resided at Mold Green. He was a whitesmith by trade, in his twenty-first year, and a very steady, promising young person, much beloved by his parents, who, by this shocking and unexpected event, are plunged into deep and overwhelming sorrow. He was a member of the "Huddersfield Young Men's Mental Improvement Society," and, it appears, on the Wednesday evening, he had met in one of the classes, in connection with the society; after which, when returning homewards, it is supposed that he crossed the field from Chapel Hill, intending to go over the lock doors, being a shorter way which he had before occasionally taken, and met his untimely fate.

Bradford Observer (15/Dec/1842) - Huddersfield: Death by Drowning


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