Bradford Observer (09/May/1844) - The Huddersfield and Manchester Railway

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The Huddersfield and Manchester Railway.

This undertaking, proposed by the Sheffield and Manchester Company, from Cooper Bridge to Manchester, via Slaithwaite, Marsden, Saddleworth, Staley Bridge, &c., gained such confidence among the speculating portion of the inhabitants that in a few days from the announcement of the object in view, the whole of the 20,000 shares, at £30 per share, were taken up, and about 5000 more applications made than there were shares to dispose of. The shares are at a premium of from 20s. to 25s. Should the object be carried out, the distance saved between this town and Manchester will be at least 14 miles.

Bradford Observer (09/May/1844) - The Huddersfield and Manchester Railway


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