Bradford Observer (04/Mar/1852) - Fatal Accident to a Newspaper Reporter)

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Fatal Accident to a Newspaper Reporter.

Mr. Thomas Newsome, reporter to the Halifax Guardian, has met with his death in a very melancholy manner. On Friday week he attended the inquest at Holmfirth. and after its termination proceeded to Huddersfield by a special train. About eight o'clock, Mr. Newsome took his seat in a train which he was told was going to Halifax. Finding, however, when it began to move, that the train was a Holmfirth one, he opened the door and stepped out. His foot slipped and became entangled between the step and the platform, and immediately afterwards he was dashed against a wall, at the entrance to the station. Finding himself quite sick and faint, Mr. Newsome flung himself upon his back, in expectation that the train would pass over and crush him; but he escaped this, and his groans having almost immediately attracted the attention of the station master and two if the porters, he was, at his own request, conveyed to the infirmary. On being examined, it was found that he had sustained a severe wound, extending from a little below the knee on the inner side of the right leg to the toe, the flesh being laid open to the bone. Dangerous symptoms appeared and erysipelas and mortification set in. Mr. Newsome sank rapidly and expired about four o'clock on Tuesday afternoon. At the inquest, held on Wednesday, a verdict of 'Accidental Death' was returned. Mr. Newsome was for many years principal reporter of the Leeds Mercury, and for a short time, some years ago, one of the reporters for the Manchester Guardian. He was 38 years old and unmarried.