Box Ings Lane, Kirkburton & Shelley

Box Ings Lane runs south from near Kirkburton parish church through Shelley Wood, Allen Wood and Healey Greave Wood towards the Huddersfield and Penistone Turnpike Road (now Penistone Road). Part of the lane formed the historic boundary between the townships of Kirkburton and Shelley.

According to Dr. George Redmonds, the Box (or Boxe) family kept an alehouse near to the church — likely the Shoulder of Mutton which stood at the north of the lane. The name may have been a nickname for the Ives family, as the The Parish Registers of Kirkburton: 1654-1711 contain references to "Richard Ives alias Box".

Box Ings was land owned by the family to the south of the church, where the Kirkburton Music Festival was held in the 1880s.[1]


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